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The History

Villa Frua belongs to the third generation of the family of Ernesto De Angeli and Giuseppe Frua. In the late nineteenth century they were the founders of what would be one of the most important textile companies in Europe.
The construction of Villa Frua dates back to 1912, when Anna, the sister of Ernesto De Angeli and wife of Giuseppe Frua, came to Stresa on holiday and fell in love with this place where, in the first decade of the twentieth century, there were only green meadows and vineyards. Giuseppe Frua, thinking that the site was strategically located between his factories in Milan, Legnano and Omegna, indulged in his wifes' desire. He bought the land and entrusted the building of the Villa to his son Alberto. In 1912, the beautiful Villa Frua was completed. As a family summer residence it also become a gathering place of important businessmen. Today, following a thorough renovation by architect Elisa Ferrari Frua, the Villa is proposed as a venue for corporate and private events.

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